The Retreat



Writing Submission

Please submit a short piece of your writing (under 3,000 words). We will inform you if you have been selected for the retreat in good time. If you are not selected, it only means that we are unsure whether your style is a good fit with our area of expertise. All writing will be treated confidentially. Thank you for trusting us with your work.



The Retreat

Write Toscana offers a tailor-made alternative to other high-pressure writing courses. Each of our courses admits only four fellow writers, and participants are carefully selected with the idea of creating a group that will form a writing community that lasts well beyond the end of your time in Italy. The retreat begins with pick up from the airport and transportation to the beautiful house near Barga, Tuscany. Meals are included, and dietary requirements are happily accommodated. Over the course of seven days, you will have the encouragement to work on what you wish to and also to take risks and experiment – all while immersed in an inspirational setting.

At the heart of the retreat is the benefit of time and space to centre your writing practice: prompts to enliven your work, discussions and tips on planning and structuring, quiet moments of drafting and refining your work. These take place in both formal and casual group and one-to-one settings around the writing table, in cafes and over spirited meals. The aim is to learn not only from course leader Helen McClory but from yourself, discovering your own goals, and taking feedback and courage from both the environment and people around you.

We also believe that what you get out of your retreat depends on gathering the sensory details from the environment around you. Day trips out foster an experience to remember, taking in the stunning countryside, winding streets of honey-coloured stone buildings, delicious food and unforgettable cultural legacy of Tuscany. In the evenings, you’ll sit out in the quiet warm night air drinking a glass of wine, socialising and talking over bookish things and the events of the day. You can take time out to journal, read, or relax. And once the week is done, you will have much to draw on for future stories. For those who wish to stay on an extra week without teaching time to soak up more of your surroundings, take some solo writing time, or explore further, this option is also available.

Head to the application page to submit your mission statement for the week, and a sample of your writing to get the process started. These will be carefully reviewed by Helen McClory to make sure you will have the best experience possible at Write Toscana. We hope to hear from you soon!



A week at Write Toscana inclusive of transport to/from Pisa airport (exclusive of flights), excursions, meals and all sessions with Helen McClory is £1899 offered Saturday to Saturday (but, again, we will try to accommodate individual needs). If guests wish to stay on an additional week(s) to focus on their writing (untutored) or bring a partner over to further explore the area this is £300/wk and is offered on a self-catering basis.